Web Development

Backend and frontend development from small sites to corporate portals is one of our main specializations. 

App Development (Mobile Apps)

We create cross-platform and native mobile applications from MVP to applications with serious business logic and architecture.

Webentwicklung von der esc Ingenieurgesellschaft für Softwareentwicklung mbH

Machine learning

Using modern methods of analysis, we create algorithms that bring the best result in business processes.

Software engineering

No serious commercial project is complete without the production of software in the form of web services, mobile applications or classic desktop programs.

Project management

You don’t need to get into technical details to create a software or mobile app. A project manager will always be with you, who will transfer your needs to the appropriate specialists.

Technical support

A set of measures aimed at ensuring the stable operation of the software, protection against hacking and viruses, updates and others.

Business consulting

We offer a full range of business analytics services: from conducting audits to building business analytics systems, data visualization, and report generation.

Emloyee training

We train your team or employees in modern programming languages, best practices or how to use content management or CRM systems. Above all in the digization of companies, it plays an important role that employees can handle the new systems and make them easier instead of more difficult.

Webentwicklung von der esc Ingenieurgesellschaft für Softwareentwicklung mbH